Institutional access enquiries

Access codes

If an institution has been set up with access via an access code, the user will need to follow the 5 steps below to set up a personal account:

1. Click on "Redeem Access Code" within the sign-in box at the top right side of the page
2. Follow the 5-step registration process
3. Fill in your professional details
4. In step 4 - enter your access code and submit
5. You account is created, and you can use your email address and password to enter the site

IP range

If an institution has been set up via IP range - simply visit from within your institution to access the content. If you register for your own account within the IP range of your institution - you can then access from an external location.


If an institution has been set up via Athens/Shibboleth - users can access Clinical Evidence via Athens/Shibboleth authentication name + password, through the sign in box in the top right of the page.

Username and password

If the user has been granted access via a user name and password, simply enter these details in to the sign-in field.