Searching Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence includes systematic reviews, guidelines, and patient leaflets for over 250 topics. There are several ways to find the information you need in Clinical Evidence.

  1. Browsing by section

    If you are looking for information on a particular topic, you can use the drop-down 'Conditions' menu at the top of every Clinical Evidence screen.
    Choosing a section from the list (e.g., diabetes) will display all the relevant articles, including systematic reviews, guidelines, and patient information – or you can filter results using the buttons above the topic list.

  2. Alphabetical listing

    The Conditions menu also allows you to browse the full contents of Clinical Evidence alphabetically. Click on the drop-down Conditions menu and select 'All conditions' button – alphabetical tabs will appear above the article list.

  3. Free-text search

    You can use the free-text search box at the top of every page to find a particular word or phrase from anywhere within Clinical Evidence. Search results are sorted by how frequently your search terms appear on that page and include a selection of text from the article to help put your search results into context.
    Results can also be filtered by type – systematic reviews, guidelines, patient information – to help you find the exact information you’re looking for.

  4. Free-text search tips

    If you want to search for an exact phrase, put double quotation marks around the phrase. So, you might search for 'side effects of antidepressants'.

    If you want to look for several similar words, use the * character. Searching for anti* will find information on 'antibiotics', 'antidepressants' and 'antivirals', among others.

    If you want to ignore a search term, you can use the - (minus) character. So, searching for heart -attack will find pages with the word 'heart' on them, but exclude any with the word 'attack'.

    You can use square brackets to search for one of several search terms. So, a search for heart [surgery operation] will return results that include the word 'heart' and one (or both) of 'surgery' and 'operation'.